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Ingredients FAQs

Are your teeth whitening strips cruelty free?

Yes, we don’t test on animals.

Are your teeth whitening strips products gluten free?


Are your teeth whitening strips suitable for vegetarians/vegans?


Safety FAQs

Are your teeth whitening strips harmful to teeth or can they damage the enamel?

No, our product is formulated to be safe and effective when used as directed. All our safety data indicate that our teeth whitening strips are safe on tooth enamel.

Sometimes I see white spots on my teeth immediately after I remove a strip. Will they go away?

Yes, the white spots are temporary. These spots are not harmful and will go away in a few hours.

Usage FAQs

Can I switch strips (wear upper strip on bottom teeth and vice versa)?

No, we do not recommend switching strips. Although the strips would still work if switched, each upper strip is designed specifically to cover the area of your upper teeth while each lower strip is designed specifically to cover the area of your lower teeth. These shapes were designed to keep the strips in place while covering those teeth that show when you smile. Wearing a lower strip on your upper teeth will result in you covering less area on your upper smile teeth. 

Can I reuse a teeth whitening strip?

No. Using a strip over again will not provide any teeth whitening benefits. Even though there may be ingredients remaining on the strip when you take it off, most of the active ingredients has been depleted.          

I dropped a strip in the sink after pulling from the backing. Can I still use it?

No, it's not recommended. Start over with a new strip 

Is it okay to use the teeth whitening strips on my back teeth?

No, it is not recommended. The strips provided for your upper and lower teeth are designed to fit the front teeth only. Using the strips on the back teeth may result in the strips coming loose and eventually falling off during the wear period.

What happens if after using the strips, I have white spots on my teeth?

The white spots are temporary. These spots are not harmful and will go away. The white spots are caused by a loss of water from the tooth enamel. This water loss is not harmful and will go away

What do I do if the strips keep coming off?

Look into a mirror to properly apply the strips, making sure the strip is in good contact with the teeth. If the strips begin to slip, close your mouth and create suction to tighten the strips up again. Don't touch the strips excessively with your tongue. You can try gently tucking the strip in the spaces between your teeth with your fingernail, then folding it behind your teeth. 

Can I eat while wearing the teeth whitening strips?

Eating while wearing a strip is not recommended. Doing so will affect whitening results.

Can I wear the teeth whitening strips overnight while I sleep?

No, do not wear the strips overnight or while sleeping.

Do you have a teeth whitening chart so I can see my progress?

We don't offer a tooth colour comparison chart. However, after a few days, many people who use our teeth whitening strips can already see a brighter difference in their smile. Friends or family may also begin to comment on the change! You can also see the result by looking at your back teeth.